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Discovery Event - Hughes Academy of Science and Technology

February 01, 2023

On December 9th, 2022, GE’s Next Engineers Project Manager Brittany Sanders, Program Assistant Tyler Roland, and PEER&WISE intern Skyler Holland traveled to Hughes Academy of Science and Technology in Greenville, SC. While there, the team demonstrated a buoyancy experiment to a group of a couple of hundred middle school students. During the demonstration, the students learned what buoyancy is and what factors may affect it using Coke and Diet Coke. After the presentation, we spoke with several students to get their opinions on the demonstration.

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Eighth grade student, Danny Q., said he enjoyed the demonstration and that activities like these help him learn things and understand concepts better. We also spoke to the school counselor Courtney Lilliston. Mr. Lilliston said that he enjoyed the demonstration and thought it was very good at keeping the kids involved and attentive. He also liked that we used Coke and Diet Coke to demonstrate these differences and that it would make it more relatable to things the students encounter in their everyday lives.


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