On 13 October, 2021, the GE Foundation, with GE Grid Solutions, Connectr, and The Inspirational Learning Group, launched Next Engineers Staffordshire. Together, we are investing in Staffordshire's young people — the future engineers who will drive the change the world needs.

GE Staffordshire employees: are you interested in volunteering for Next Engineers? If so, contact the Staffordshire Team for more information.

Engineering Discovery
Year 9

Opportunities to explore and discover

Students (Year 9) build awareness about what engineers do through a variety of short, exploratory sessions led by GE engineers. Volunteers deliver creative, hands-on activities in the classroom or community to inspire young people and expand their understanding of what engineering is all about.

Engineering Camp
Years 9-10

Engineering Experience: An immersive learning experience

In the summer of 2023, Next Engineers Staffordshire will offer a series of Engineering Experience sessions, perfect for Year 9 and Year 10 students. Over the course of one week, students are immersed in the engineering process. Students interact with experienced engineering faculty, staff, and business leaders as they complete design challenges inspired by real-world scenarios, building an identity as aspiring engineers. All Engineering Experience sessions are free of cost.

Experience applications for 2023 are now closed! Thank you to everyone who applied - you will hear from us shortly. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact nextengineers@tilg.co.uk.

grad hat
Engineering Academy
Year 11

A transformative learning experience

Are you a Year 11 student? Do you want the chance to think and act like an engineer? Apply to be in the Engineering Academy.

Over three years, students learn engineering skills and prepare for further education at a university or training through an apprenticeship program. With over 80 hours per year outside of school, the Academy includes a series of immersive design challenges, career coaching, and education workshops to equip young people with the skills they need to build an engineering career. All Next Engineers: Engineering Academy Staffordshire graduates who enter higher education for engineering degrees will be awarded $10,000 USD (approximately £8,000, dependent on exchange rate) in financial support. Engineering Academy graduates who commit to an engineering apprenticeship at any company in the U.K. will receive approximately $1,500 USD (approximately £1,300) to help fund transportation, books, and supplies.

Applications for January 2023 are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! If you are interested in joining the 2024 cohort, please fill out the interest form below.



Engineering Discovery event for year 9 students  


Engineering Discovery Event for Year 9 students.


Engineering Discovery event for year 9 students 


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