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Academy application deadline day is approaching - Spread the word!

Daniel Mears
October 18, 2023

With time running out for year 11 students to submit their Next Engineers: Engineering Academy application forms, we caught up with TILG's Education Programme Manager, Liam, who is currently promoting the opportunity across the county. 

What is Next Engineers: Engineering Academy? 
Engineering Academy provides a platform for young engineers to develop and refine their knowledge of the industry and simultaneously, their practical skills. Developed over a 3 year programme, students take part in a series of tasks created to educate them on the range of engineering sub-sectors and habits of mind. With applications closing on November 3rd 2023 time is running out to submit your application, you can find details on how to submit your application at the end of this article. 

We asked Liam about his opinions surrounding the academy, and about his experiences delivering promotional workshops .... 


What makes Academy so unique? 
"The excellent exposure to engineering speaks for itself. The insight provided via the range of activities is incredible. What I particularly like though is the approach to wider learning through career coaching activities. This opportunity to learn about public speaking, finance, marketing and so much more ensure learners graduate with an incredible rounded knowledge base." 

Do you think enough people understand STEM industries at a young age? 
"Absolutely not! Running promotional workshops has been incredibly insightful as we have discussed the broad range of misconceptions surrounding STEM careers. This has prompted some fantastic discussions where we have broken down just how diverse STEM industries are and why it is such an incredibly exciting field to join. It's a privilege to be involved with a project like Next Engineers driving conversations at a young age to break down these barriers and misconceptions!"

What advice do you have to those wanting to apply on/before November 3rd? 

"We're anticipating a very high number of applications, so make sure that yours is as authentic as possible. Showcase your personality through your writing style and be truthful about what inspired you to become an engineer. Not only does this make your application stand out, it allows us to ensure that if you are selected, you can have as tailored, engaging and meaningful an experience as possible." 


How can I apply?
To create your application follow this link: https://www. engineering-academy

If you would like to discuss this further with our team you can contact us directly at