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A Journey of Discovery and Innovation at Next Engineers Greenville Academy!

January 20, 2024

Our latest session was a whirlwind of creativity, challenges, and breakthroughs, with Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 all immersing themselves in exhilarating projects.

🚀 Cohort 1's Design Odyssey - Guided by the brilliant Dr. Nigel B. Kaye, Professor of Civil Engineering at Clemson University, our first cohort embarked on their senior design project. Their brainstorming sessions were a fusion of intense debates, creative sparks, and moments of enlightenment. Dr. Kaye's insights into environmental fluid mechanics and wildfire spread added layers of complexity and realism to their discussions.

🥚 Cohort 2's Engineering Challenge - Mentored by Logan Wade, a passionate Civil Engineering Ph.D. Candidate, Cohort 2 tackled the intriguing task of constructing an egg-protecting enclosure. They navigated through various design iterations, grappling with materials' limitations and structural dynamics. Their journey was a testament to resilience, as each failed attempt brought them closer to a novel and effective solution.

✈️ Cohort 3's Soaring Ambitions - Under the tutelage of Robbie Albertson, an Aerospace instructor with a knack for igniting young minds, Cohort 3 delved into the world of glider construction. Their project was not just about building a glider; it was about understanding the delicate balance of aerodynamics, material science, and the joy of seeing their creation take flight. The trial-and-error process, filled with unexpected twists and learning moments, was a thrilling experience for these young engineers.

Each group's journey was unique, filled with moments of frustration, epiphanies, and ultimately, immense satisfaction. Their progress is not just in the projects they build, but in the invaluable skills and knowledge they gain along the way.