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#GettheSaltOut Presentations: Greenville Academy Scholars Design Challenge

June 04, 2022

Clemson, S.C. - This past weekend, our Greenville Academy Scholars presented their results and reflections regarding their latest Engineering Design project on desalination.  Students collaborated, designing creative and innovative presentations which showcased their process of researching, planning, prototyping, and executing their designs. Theses presentations then received feedback from David Ladner, Ph.D., from Clemson University’s Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, GE Volunteers, PEER & WISE staff, and graduate facilitators.

Clemson University's Dr. Ladner gives Feedback to Greenville Academy
Clemson University's Dr. Ladner provides feedback to the Academy Scholars


The students gave a background on common desalination practices at plants across the country and how they function. Then the shared the advantages and disadvantages of such large-scale plants compared to their own small-scale designs. Next, they covered their initial planning and first design sketches, further elaborating on their final prototype choice, often utilizing a decision matrix. From there, they discussed their challenges and successes in the assembly process as well as the testing and iteration phase.

Greenville Academy Scholars Present with Slides
Greenville Academy Scholars begin their presentations, discussing how the desalination process functions


Often students presented aspects that they would improve if given the opportunity in future designs. The volunteers posed challenging questions to the students such as, “Could this design be scaled feasibly?” and “What environmental conditions could’ve affected you design?” This gave the students a deeper understanding of the considerations of a professional engineering project.

Greenville Academy Students Present their Design Challenge
Greenville Academy students present their Design Challenge


A big thanks to the GE Volunteers, Dr. David Ladner, PEER & WISE staff, and the graduate facilitators for all their feedback throughout the process! And of course, thanks to all the students for expressing such diligent and creative work throughout!

Greenville Academy Staff and GE Volunteers
Thank you to all the Greenville Academy Staff and GE Volunteers