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Engineers Week Global Challenge Winners!

March 14, 2023

The Next Engineers Johannesburg team is thrilled to announce one of our teams as winners of the Global Engineers Week Cross-Site Challenge! Cohort 1 learners and some of the PROTEC staff took part in the challenge and one of the teams emerged victorious. The team of three, from UJ Metropolitan Academy, are part of the inaugural cohort of learners in Johannesburg. Zia, Talha and Faiqa worked really hard on their design and were relentless in trying to get their catapult to work and launch ping pong ball the farthest. Not only was their design the best in Johannesburg, but it was one of the best across the Next Engineers sites!

Winning Team
The Winning Team from Johannesburg

Their design was simple and it followed the constraints of the challenge, using only 10 popsicle sticks and 10 elastic bands. We commend and congratulate the team of three for making the Johannesburg family proud.