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Engineering Discovery Resumes

May 17, 2023

If we are to inspire a new generation of career men and women, we need to start exposing and inspiring learners to the various career options available while they are still in their lower grades. This allows them to make informed decisions when choosing careers. The Next Engineers: Engineering Discovery program boasts itself in inspiring and building the future of engineering through interactive sessions where learners get to engage in Demonstrations and Hands-on Activities that introduce them to how engineers think and do things.

After a short break in our sessions, the Johannesburg team has resumed the Discovery sessions in selected schools around Johannesburg. In the first term, we met with learners from HTS Langlaagte, Missouri Laan Secondary School, Jabulani Technical High School and Ferndale High School. These schools will have a repeat session later on in the year. In the second term, the team will be meeting West Ridge High School, KwaBhekilanga Secondary School, Princess High School, Denver Secondary School, Curtis Nkondo Engineering School of Specialization and John Orr Engineering School of Specialization.

Jabulani Tech Discovery CupCode

The learners will be engaging in activities such as CupCode where they learn basic principles of coding, Diver where they learn about marine engineering, and Sticky Cups in which we create a vacuum and cause the cups to stick together.