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Discovery Workshops at Haywood Academy

November 18, 2021

GE Next Engineers: Engineering Discovery has kicked off in Staffordshire, with our first 3 workshops at Haywood Academy in Stoke-On-Trent! We delivered 3 workshops for Year 9 students, reaching 90 students.

The activity delivered was the Toxic Popcorn Challenge and introduced students to the engineering design process (EDP), the process engineers use to solve design challenges. Students worked in teams to design a process to safely transfer ‘toxic’ popcorn from one container to another, using just string and elastic bands, and all in 5 minutes before it exploded!

Ben, facilitator from Connectr commented:

"The workshops went great! The students were really engaged and really enjoyed the hands-on element. A lot commented on it being nice not to be sat at a desk writing. The General Electric volunteers were great at connecting with the young people and guiding them during the challenge. The workshops are going great. Its a brilliant project."


Two General Electric volunteers are wearing blue GE t-shirts and standing outside a school.