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Discovery Events in Staffordshire

March 27, 2023

Engineering Discovery events are a great way to engage the younger generation in engineering. Fun, in-school challenges teach students about the Engineering Design Process, problem-solving skills, working well in a team, and how creative engineering really is! 

Thanks to the GE Foundation and FHI 360, schools in Staffordshire have been offered a number of Discovery challenges that teach different areas of Engineering in a fun way, including:

  • Marble run
  • Toxic popcorn
  • Build a plankton net
  • Assembly line

In a recent workshop, students were challenged to build a plankton net. Faced with a pool full of glitter, students had to design, build, and test their own reusable nets. Using only the materials provided, students had to collect as much glitter as possible. But not only that, they learned that plankton is the foundation of most aquatic ecosystems and can provide a useful early warning system of possibly detrimental changes in aquatic ecosystems—particularly the world’s oceans—from pollution and climate change.

Both teachers and students really enjoyed the session. We can't wait to bring more to schools this year and next! 

Plankton Pool
Students test their plankton nets in the glitter pool