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Discovery Event at Woodward

November 16, 2021

Next Engineers is moving full-steam ahead and gaining excitement in Cincinnati! On November 4th, 2021, the program implemented its second Engineering Discovery event at Woodward High School. A total of 109 students (including 73 eighth graders) participated in the introductory tall tower challenge, many of whom were determined to beat Withrow High School's record 37-inch tower! These young scholars demonstrated exceptional collaboration and communication skills, working in teams to create some of the most creative and artistic structures that the program has seen thus far. The 12 GE Aviation employee volunteers who were present were impressed with the structures created and the questions the students asked.

While there were many contenders for the tallest tower at Woodward High School, a group of brilliant 8th-grade girls constructed an amazing 42-inch tower, beating Withrow High School's record by 5 inches! Great job, Woodward! Let's see if Hughes High School can beat this record at the next Discovery event on November 18th.

The University of Cincinnati and the Next Engineers GE City Team look forward to engaging more students around Discovery events throughout the fall semester.

Cincinnati Student