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Cohort 3 of Engineering Academy Kicks Off in Cincinnati!

January 30, 2024

The newest cohort of the GE Next Engineers Academy in Cincinnati kicked off their journey this past Saturday on the University of Cincinnati’s campus! Students had the opportunity to meet their fellow Academy members, participate in ice breakers and design challenges, and connect with program staff! Students also participated in an Engineering Talks session led by volunteers from GE Aerospace. Volunteers provided wonderful insight into their paths to engineering, their careers, and valuable suggestions as students navigate through the program. 


Over the next three years, cohort 3 will continue to learn and grow in their pursuit of an engineering education! They will kick off their first large scale design challenge in March, taking on the classic “Spring Loaded” mousetrap car. In this challenge, students will utilize elastic potential energy to power their cars. We can't wait to see whose cars go the farthest and the fastest!