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Bring In The Harvest - Jo'burg Update

L Mamane
June 25, 2022

Living in a world with water shortages as one of its many problems, the learners faced the Bring In The Harvest design challenge head on. Each team was assigned a different building in a specific location. The challenge given to them was to analyze the roof types and different amounts of rainfall in each area. Then, each team designed a different system to optimize the amount of rainwater collected and stored for their buildings. 

Johannesburg Rainwater Test
Academy students develop their rainwater harvesting design

The miniature buildings and rainwater storage systems that the learners built were able to achieve the purposes for which they were intended. We saw designs that emulated real life water storage tanks, including a very common tank in South Africa, the JoJo tank. 

" "
One of the team's prototypes during a rain collection test

After the final tests of the Bring in the Harvest design challenge, the cohort is excited to start tackling their second design challenge, Spring Loaded. This is a challenge where they will be designing mousetrap powered vehicles. 

We are excited to witnessing the design, building, testing, and optimizing of the vehicles!